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Creating value from the Bottom up.

Bringing Financial Inclusion and High-Quality Goods & Services to the Underserved in Rural Vietnam

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We work with various stakeholders closely to ensure an impact and effective ecosystem is developed. We work with Government Bodies, NGOs, credit institutes, and research firms. We have curated some specific information for this sector. We are always looking for partners who want to make Vietnam a better world for everyone.

We have strategic partnerships with firms who have the same mission as us. Our partners provide the right products and services for our target clientele in Rural Vietnam. We are always in search of high-quality Products & Services with competitive price to serve our consumers.

Developmental Aid & Microfinance in Vietnam

Our Strategic Approach

We build ecosystems. We work closely with various Vietnamese stakeholders to ensure we are effective in our ability to bring true social impact to the underserved in Vietnam.

Local Government

We work closely with government entitles & NGOs to enhance our impact and adhere to local regulations.

Local Credit Facilities

Our on-the-ground approach gives us direct insight into consumers demands & challenges.

Rural Vietnamese

Our on-the-ground approach gives us direct insight into consumers demands & challenges.

Vetted Businesses

We work with reputable manufacturers, distributors, and providers to ensure the quality of goods and services at competitive prices.

About Us

We’re a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea that we can change the world by lifting up people at the bottom of the pyramid, in a scalable and technology-enabled way.

We work with financial institutions and brand partners to design bespoke technology solutions that serve as a channel to deliver a wide array of essential products and services to low-income communities including remote areas neglected by traditional services.

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