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Salary & Stock Options

About Canal Circle

Want to grow professionally, make an impact and score a lot of karma points? Join Canal Circle, a fast-growing fintech startup with talented team members coming from all over the world. We work with financial institutions and product & service partners to bring financial access and more to low income communities across Southeast Asia. Our mission is to improve the lives of the underprivileged in a smart, scalable, and sustainable way. We are well-funded by the best investors in the world and are looking for world class talents to join us.

Job location

Hanoi, Vietnam

Job description

The purpose of business analysis is to be able to recognize and seize opportunities presented by a rapidly changing marketplace using modern organization skills to remain competitive. As our business specialist, you will support strategy definition, identify the best way to break into a market by creating an understanding of the market in which the business operates, and identifying a unique service or angle that the startup can adopt. In particular, you will pinpoint customer’s need and suggest suitable new products and services effectively. You will also assist in the efficient execution of these business strategies by determining the requirements of a project or program and presenting them in a clear manner to different stakeholders, facilitators and partners.


  • Competitor analysis

  • Problem/Solution fit analysis (does your product solve any problem)

  • Product/Market fit analysis (is anyone going to pay for your product)

  • Features description and prioritization (according to the business value each feature adds to the product and an effort needed for its development)

  • Documentation development and continuous update


  • Big Picture Thinking

  • Work Well Under Pressure

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Critical Thinking

  • Relationship Building

  • Bachelor degree

  • Proficient in both English and Vietnamese

What we offer

  • Highly competitive salary

  • Stock options

  • Room to grow professionally in a culturally diverse and talented team

  • Silicon Valley startup experience

  • Opportunities to travel domestically and internationally

  • Opportunity to work on a mission that will transform the lives of millions of people in the developing worlds

To apply

Email hello@canalcircle.com the following information:

  • Your portfolio, LinkedIn or CV

  • Your dream job when you were a child

  • Why you're interested in working at Canal Circle

Or directly book an in-person interview via the button below.